Date: 2017-02-15 07:02 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'd love to read something about Barry, I really liked his character, even though we haven't seen much of him. I'd prefer a story without dark content (kidnapping etc.), but angst and hurt-comfort is alright.

Bonus point: happy end
Bonus point 2: Dennis makes an appearence

Re: Barry/Other

Date: 2017-02-21 07:47 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Barry is gay in canon, so I've written a little dabble here about how his escapades were likely the healthiest Kevin et. al have yet experienced:

Barry enjoyed being in the light – he truly did. Ever since Kevin had consensually given him agency, Barry was finally able to realize the artistic passion that Hedwig and Kevin himself had long remained ashamed of.

For years, their mother had scoffed at Kevin’s passion for drawing – fashion design having been totally out of the question. Art was an ‘effeminate’ hobby and not something that could ever make any money.

Such was another brilliant aspect to Dr. Fletcher – her relentless confidence in Barry’s clothing designs. He’d never had anyone compliment his sketches before.

That was, until Karl came along.

“Which line do you design for?”

The System was thankful that Barry was in the light at the moment or many of the others may have jumped at how quickly the young man had appeared by their table.

Barry smiled up at him. He’d chosen the seat by the window as always, but he also preferred the chance to meet someone new and even show off his work.

“Thinking of starting my own,” replied Barry with a polite grin. “Do you design for anyone?”

“Used to design sets for a few travel groups on Broadway. Then my contract ended. Now I just design locally for Stagecrafters Theater.”

“Mm, I’ve heard of it,” Barry hummed. Did this count as that café small talk his mother was always complaining about from men? “You miss New York?”

“Sometimes, but you know…it’s quaint here.” Karl grinned. “I’m Karl.”


Karl took a seat across from Barry. That was the first time the System had actually had struck the fancy of a fellow young(ish) person.

They kept meeting there as well, each morning at ten before heading to work. Just to discuss – life. Even Barry, with his optimistic demeanor, had to wonder what was in it for Karl. It wasn’t as if he were being paid, like Dr. Fletcher – and even then, the psychologist’s investment in her patient extended beyond money to research.

What had Karl to research?

Fortunately, once Barry opened up to Dr. Fletcher about these little outings a week later, the wool was promptly removed.

“He seems to like you, Barry,” she stated plainly but with a gleaming smile.

That had made even Barry hesitate. Surely, he’d realized that had been a possibility on some level, but…did men really just pick you up in the café, like his mother had always mentioned?

More importantly, where would it go from there? Could he simply have fun with Karl? What did fun even mean? Did Karl have some ulterior motive?

Could Barry keep the others at bay long enough to test the waters with this…’dating game’?

After about a month, they went out to dinner.

Barry was nervous, of course. And yet, he felt oddly warm inside. He’d become fascinated by Karl’s angular facial features, his slight stubble, his hazel eyes that caught the light in just the right way…

“Everything okay?” Karl asked with a hint of mirth.

Barry broke out of his reverie. Whether due to the wine or his inner fervor kicking into high gear, he didn’t care.

“You have the…nicest eyes.”

Karl seemed a bit taken aback, before his smile broadened even further.

“Wowwww,” he breathed, “I’m so glad you broke the ice. Because your eyes are actually what struck me about you. If I’m being honest…they’re bluer than any of the actors I’ve ever worked around.”

He shared his mother’s blue eyes…but enough of that, for Christ’s sake.

He needed a distraction. One where he didn’t have to think of his mother or women at all – just this man before him. It didn’t matter where it went – time to live in the moment for once in his life.

“Let’s get out of here,” Barry stood up and grabbed his scarf. Hedwig, stay put. Don’t you dare come out.

He could do this.

There was no response from their inner child. He supposed it made sense. No woman to impress or please, no Hedwig.

Fortunately, they hadn’t gone to eat far from the zoo, where Barry pulled Karl almost roughly behind one of the brick walls and…

Hugged him.

Really, just hugged him. He froze before he could go any further. Not a Hedwig or Dennis might emerge frozen, but something was keeping him from going further.

Perhaps he just needed a prompt from Karl to confirm this was something both parties desired.

Grasping fingers in his slowly growing hair, Karl answered Barry’s question.

Soon enough, Karl’s hands dropped from the other’s closely shorn hair and entangled in his scarf, lightly tugging in a way that drove Barry mad.

Where had these feelings been hiding? He knew he’s always preferred men, but from afar…

It was Barry who snuck his tongue between Karl’s lips. He smelt of mint and pine. Intoxicating cologne of some kind.

Hands and legs were everywhere. For the first time, Barry was grinding on someone – and he couldn’t believe this other human being was actually treating him with desire and passion. No ridicule or condescension.

It was unbelievably hot.

Then Karl dropped to his knees and Barry’s ever muscle was on fire. On some level, he realized it probably couldn’t last. Then again, what really does last?

Barry could barely control his breathing or hip movement as Karl did what no one had done before, grasping fistfuls of Barry’s jacket to hold his waist still, leaving him with no choice but to experience the sensation.

Live for the moment. Was this final thought before all senses exploded in unbridled ecstasy.

They continued like this for a few nights a week. Just enjoying each other’s company, either at Karl’s or at Barry’s. No labels, no questions asked.

At this stage, that was exactly what Barry needed. No one to disappoint if this was all just fleeting.

Barry initially had to overcome a hump to realize he actually enjoyed returning the favor for Karl – no vivid childhood memories of forced pleasure giving surfaced.

He liked pleasing Karl – and he loved it when Karl took charge.

In fact, he loved it a bit too much.

It was a Tuesday in early August 2014 when Karl rang the doorbell to Barry’s flat. The young set designer hadn’t wanted to tell Barry over the phone. His contract had ended early, and he’d snagged another back in New York.

All guilty thoughts he may have had were replaced with surprise when Barry opened the door.

The first word that came to Karl’s mind was clean.

Not that Barry didn’t have excellent hygiene and impeccable taste in both clothing and aftershave, but this was…on a whole other level.

No scarf or cap and…

“Barry, when did you get glasses?”

“We can’t see each other anymore,” was all Barry said.

“Mm, I actually came here to talk to you about that,” Karl attempted a smile to ease the awkwardness just a bit, “I wanted to see if we could spend some time together before I have to leave – I got another contract in New York. This one ended here.”

“New York,” the city’s name sounded as if it left a bad taste in Barry’s mouth. “I’m from there originally.”

“You never mentioned…”

“Anyway, as I said, good luck. I can’t see you anymore. It was…something new to try. And I’ve decided it’s not for me.”

“Really? So you’re okay with the New York part, I’m relieved. But what’s not for you? If you mean what we’ve been doing…?”

Dennis didn’t like the conniving gleam in the man’s eyes as he extended a hand toward his face. He caught his wrist swiftly and Karl withdrew slightly.

“You sure seemed like you liked it,” was all he could manage at first. “Are you trying to tell me that was an experiment? Because I’m sorry to tell ya, but it’d be a riot to see you with a girl…”

“I’ve had a difficult day at work. Leave now, please. We can’t have distractions. From men or women. We needed what you provided, but it ran its course.”

We? Barry and himself, Karl supposed.

As Karl descended the apartment steps into the balmy evening, Dennis felt Barry shift comfortably deep down.

He was leaving anyway. No harm done. Was fun while it lasted. You should try it sometime, Dennis. You sure didn’t seem fond of those girls today at the zoo….

Re: Barry/Other

Date: 2017-02-21 02:35 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
OP here
Damn, I loved it! And the ending makes it perfect, with Dennis taking charge. I was so happy to read something light for once.
Gold star for you, anon ☆ :D
Thanks for writing this!

Re: Barry/Other

Date: 2017-02-22 06:58 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Here's a more fleshed out version on ao3:

It's nice to see Barry focused on a bit in what's become a rather Dennis-oriented echo chamber (not that Dennis doesn't rock as well, of course). xD


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