Casey/Dennis Slice of Life AU

Date: 2017-02-10 10:56 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
AU like one of those contemporary angst filled Sundance films where Casey is a high school student who makes friends with the schools angry and strange maintenance man, Dennis. Also I could see Dennis being suspected as a creep, watching the cheerleaders practicing while he's repairing some bleachers. Casey is still living with her uncle and being continually abused. Dennis, knowing how terrible abuse is but also not wanting to get too involved, begrudgingly helps Casey find the strength to tell someone. He makes her feel like a person again. Casey gives Dennis a reason to see there can be happiness for him, that not everything is so bad. Cue a metric TON of angst, because underage, age difference, csa themes, UST, unrequited feeling, maybe Dennis losing it and almost beating the shit out of her uncle. Dennis feeling sick with himself over all the filthy dreams and fantasies he's having about Casey, knowing the things she's gone through, what her uncle's done. But what he doesn't know, is Casey is having vivid dirty dreams about him too. Casey being so confused about her feelings for Dennis, but at the same time so desperate for real affection. She knows he wants her, it's not hard to tell, but it's the first time she's felt anything for someone and she doesn't want it ruined.

I was listening to a few songs when I thought of this, so if you want the vibe I was feeling check out Let Me Down Easy by Max Frost, Summer Skeletons by Radical Face, and Hello My Old Heart by the Oh Hellos.
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